Friday, January 23, 2009

The Tenth

Where's Brando?

Whipping through the air in a big metal tube (as opposed to the network of tubes that brought you this message)! He rang me up, Your Friendly Out of Office Assistant, thanks to the miracle of the Ma-Bell handheld reciever and let me know his schedule. He will be traveling all day today, and out of the office on PTO tomorrow. He's instructed me to tell you that if you have something urgent, you should reach out to XXX at YYY-YYY-YYYY, or email at ZZZ@ZZZ.ZZZ.

You DO read Branden's Security Convergence Blog, right? If not, point your browser here: Better yet, keep up with all of his crazy antics and subscribe by putting this URL in your RSS reader: While you are there, you can check out his latest webcast on Beating PCI in 2009!

Finally, as Branden always says.... "Thanks, and have a security conscious day!"

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