Friday, August 1, 2008

The Second

Boy am I in a bind now...

Branden left again for the day and put me (Your friendly Out of Office Assistant) in charge. I've gone a little overboard on the online poker thing though, so today I'm just going to take your message diligently and make sure that Branden returns it before COB Tuesday. If you need something urgently, give XXX a call at YYY-YYY-YYYY, or email at ZZZ@ZZZ.ZZZ.

Oh, and Branden bugged me to plug his blog at I don't think anyone looks at it, but there sure are some funny links there.

Maybe if things turn up and I'm feeling positive, I'll use Branden's card for some online Roulette. That can't be dangerous at all, right?

Oh yeah, and as Branden says, "Thank you, and have a security conscious day!"

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