Friday, October 3, 2008

The Fourth


I will be out of the office today (Friday, October 3) having conversations like the one at the bottom of this email! My friendly Out of Office Assistant has been given some unpaid leave after another unfortunate incident resulting from the Internet always being plugged into his brain, and should be here to help you later in October when I am traveling abroad. Hopefully that twelve step program is working.

If you need something urgently, give XXX a call at YYY-YYY-YYYY, or email at ZZZ@ZZZ.ZZZ. If you are bored, why not check out what wacky links are in my most recent blog post ( I promise you, you won't be disappointed (and you might even be motivated to buy a hammer).

Thanks, and have a security conscious day!

"November Niner One Niner Lima Alpha, traffic is a 747 at your twelve o-clock closing fast. Expidite your climb to seven thousand, five hundred and turn left to zero-niner-zero."

"Roger Approach, expidite climb to seven thousand, five hundred, turn left to zero-niner-zero, Niner Lima Alpha."

Hrm... expidited climbing turn in a light sport plane? We better start flapping our arms.

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