Monday, February 23, 2009

The Dozenth

It's civic duty time!

Branden's Friendly Out of Office Assistant here, at your service.

Branden will be out of the office today fulfilling his civic responsibility at Jury Duty. I watched Branden fill out the response form online, and the only time I saw him laugh during the whole process was when they asked the question, "Do you want to serve on a jury?" The possible answers were Yes and No like you would expect, but if you answered Yes, you had to say why.

I've decided to give up most of my gambling addiction, and try to find a special someone instead. My profile on Match has generated some pretty interesting candidates, so wish me luck in trying to figure out what the fudge factor is on the stats. That should keep me occupied so that I don't start making side bets with other Out of Office Assistants on who will take the Shelby 427 on Sunday. Maybe I'll bet that Jimmy "I didn't cause that wreck, he checked up" Johnson will only take out his teammates this time.

While I'm internet dating and running numbers on a spreadsheet here, how about you go check out Brando's Security Convergence blog at He really went nuts this week on the post entitled "Rolling the Dice on PCI." Especially with the "half-assed job" comment.

He's instructed me to tell you that if you have something urgent, you should reach him on his cell phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX and he will return it as soon as his governmental overlords allow.

Are you tired of Branden saying "Thanks, and have a security conscious day!"?

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