Friday, March 6, 2009

The Baker's Dozenth


Branden's Friendly Out of Office Assistant here, at your service.

Branden will be out of the office today enjoying the freedom of flight. He has designed an ingenius system made of bamboo and feathers from several hundred finch (or is it finches? I NEED AN ADULT!). I've seen him giggling like a six year old that just found the candy jar that Grandma forgot to hide all week while he practices strapping the apparatus on and standing in some ridiculous pose screaming "FREEDOM FROM THE TYRANNY OF WALKING!" What a nutjob.

Anyway, while he is most likely being rushed to the hospital with a broken leg after jumping off the house with that rickety thing, I'll be answering your emails and getting them ready for Branden to answer on Monday.

OH, I forgot to tell you! I ended up betting on Kyle Busch to win, and got me some folding money! Worked out great because I'm going on a date tonight with one of the suitors on Match. Figure that I'll go for broke and take her out to Olive Garden and set her loose on the never ending pasta bowls.

I know! Classy.

While you are contemplating checking out my Match profile to be next in line for a rocking date, how about you go check out Brando's Security Convergence blog at He wants you to vote for him for some blogger award thing ( Man, he's really taking this stuff too seriously.

If you have something urgent, you should reach out to XXX at YYY-YYY-YYYY, or email at ZZZ@ZZZ.ZZZ.

"Thanks, and have a security conscious day!"